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Harvest House Fredericton Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to having an Addiction Recovery Center for drugs, alcohol, personality disorders and mental issues to name only a few, in the City of Fredericton NB. We have invested our time and energy into training for these very special causes.

We had the privilege of spending last winter at Harvest House Atlantic Drug Recovery Center in Moncton, NB. As recovery student mentors, we were able to understand how their lives became scattered and askew from an early age. With drugs and alcohol being so very prevalent in the home environment many children’s lives spiralled out of control as a result. When we were mentoring these students at HHA, Moncton; we had a very close encounter with the helplessness of these individuals. This helplessness of these individuals often leads to suicidal tendencies and it is well known that drug and alcohol addiction is growing in rampage proportion in all areas of New Brunswick.

In addition to working with the recovery students in Moncton last winter, it should be noted that Murray has worked in many different facets of life with people in a wide range of serious physical and spiritual issues. He also worked in the homeless shelter of Harvest House Atlantic, Moncton, spending many evenings conversing with those whose addiction was and still is out of control. It became apparent that there were many mental issues amongst the homeless individuals as well. Rose who is a registered nurse administrator founded a home health care business in Alberta for 9 years that dealt with an assortment of mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, working one on one in the home environment with these patients.

It is for these reasons that we feel the need to spearhead an Addiction Recovery Center for the City of Fredericton under the umbrella company of Harvest House Fredericton Incorporated.







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